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Mach 1 Performance is now a T1 Certified independent AMSOIL Dealer.

2003-04 Mach 1
Order 5W20 XL Synthetic Oil
(Note the Mach 1 needs 6 qts.)
Oil Filter......EaO11/SDF11
Air Filter......EaA191
Fuel Filter......33595

AMSOIL XL Synthetic Motor Oils are convenient and cost effective. They last longer than conventional petroleum motor oils, saving time and money.

- Motorists traveling 15,000 miles per year need only change AMSOIL XL motor oils twice, compared to five times for conventional 3,000-mile change intervals.
-While the initial fill may be more expensive than conventional oil, mile for mile AMSOIL XL costs less.!
Comparative Oil Testing - Amsoil vs. Mobil 1 - Click here

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Ea Oil Filters are made with full synthetic nanofiber technology, making them the highest efficiency filters that are available for the auto/light truck market. Guaranteed for 25,000 miles or one year when used in conjunction with AMSOIL motor oil in normal service.

Oil Filter......EaO11/SDF11 More Info - Click Here

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